Fast Drying Screed

Fast Drying ScreedFast drying screeds are strong, high-quality floor screeds ideal for all common floor finishes and compatible with all wet underfloor heating systems. Our quick-drying screeds are available in various compressive strengths and are usable with polypropylene fibre reinforcement. Either factory produced off-site at dedicated batching plants.

By fulfilling higher early strength requirements due to faster drying times we are able to specify a site appropriate floor screed in keeping with programme requirements/ deadlines and installation timing of all common final floor finishes.

Product Compatibility

  • Suitable for underfloor heating systems

  • Directly to concrete ground floor slabs

  • Installed to insulation boards

  • Used with precast concrete units or beams

  • To acoustic insulation systems


  • Reduced drying times for floor finish application

  • Quick early strength development

  • Good resistance to construction traffic

  • Compatible with all floor finishes

  • Higher compressive strength