SBR Polymer Screed

SBR Polymer ScreedSBR Polymer screeds include a synthetic polymer resin providing increased toughness and substrate bonding properties. Cracking and shrinking is minimised, screed permeability is reduced and flexural strength is greatly improved. SBR Polymer screed provides high performance at thinner sections and is ideal when normal screed thicknesses cannot be achieved or whereby screed is to be applied to wet areas.

Our SBR Polymer screed uses admixtures designed to allow water reductions of up to 25% due to its powerful deflocculating and dispersing effect allowing a high water reduction without affecting the integrity of the mix, therefore, a thinner section can be achieved.

Product Compatibility

  • Suitable for underfloor heating systems

  • Directly to concrete ground floor slabs

  • Installed to insulation boards

  • Used with precast concrete units or beams

  • To acoustic insulation systems

  • Wet areas due to low porosity/permeability


  • Reduced permiability

  • Suitable for wet areas

  • Thinner minimum thicknesses

  • Increased toughness and bond properties

  • Improved flexural strength