Fibre Reinforced Screed

Fibre Reinforced ScreedFibre screeds are ideally suited for use in residential dwellings, apartment complexes, offices, retail stores and industrial applications where a high cost in loss could potentially occur through floor failure due to surface cracking of the floor screed.

Polypropylene fibres are added to the sand/cement mix either at batching plant and transported directly to site via tipper wagon or mixed within in a screed pump vessel located in situ on site.

Product Compatibility

  • Suitable for underfloor heating systems

  • Directly to concrete ground floor slabs

  • Installed to insulation boards

  • Used with precast concrete units or beams

  • To acoustic insulation systems


  • Impact and abrasion resistance

  • Reduced risk of shrinking and cracking

  • Improved flexural strength

  • Improved toughness

  • Reduced permeability