Retanol Screed

Retanol ScreedRetanol floor screeds are ideal for all common floor finishes and compatible with all wet underfloor heating systems. Retanol floor screeds are available in various compressive strengths from C40 up to C60 and are usable with polypropylene fibre or mesh reinforcement. Factory produced off-site at dedicated batching plants . Retanol floor screeds are perfect for sites that require an extremely quick turnaround to allow foot traffic and acceptance of final floor finishes . Another benefit of retanol is its strength allowing it to be applied as low as 10 mm Thickness .

Product Compatibility

  • Suitable for underfloor heating systems

  • Directly to concrete ground floor slabs

  • Installed to insulation boards

  • Used with precast concrete units or beams

  • For internal or external use

  • Guaranteed drying times

  • Insensitive to moisture


  • 48 hours drying time for tiles

  • 72 hours all other floor finishes

  • Significant programme savings

  • Available in C40N/mm² – C60N/mm²
  • 80 – 90% final strength reached in 4 days